Dear Parents: Let's Keep it Positive This Season...

Smiling faces should always be the goal for any parent as baseball season begins...

Parents: Let's keep the drama to a minimum this season, and focus on the effort, rather then the results to ensure proper growth and development. #YouthBaseball #YouthSoftball #Baseball #Softball #BaseballTraining #SoftballTraining

It amazes me how many parents still don't get it - They treat their children's sports careers as if it were a one-way ticket out of mediocrity straight into the Hall of Fame rather than a tool to teach about life. What bothers me even more is the complete and utter disrespect many parents show to teachers, (cough...cough..COACHES) because little Johnny wasn't able to score his usual 45 points down the stretch or pitch at least six innings against fellow 6u players. Gone are the days of growth and development, learning life's important lessons, and enjoying the game like how it was meant to be played. How wrong.

I can remember a dad, who, with no baseball experience whatsoever himself (he owned a swimming after-school program, of all things), tried to convince me the only way our pitching staff was going to improve was to adapt the same training program as Trevor Bauer, starting pitcher for the Cleveland Indians. Truth be told his son was literally EIGHT years old at the time. I couldn't even dignify his remark with a reply. It was terrible.

So what can you do?

We reward the EFFORT just as importantly as good results.

The greatest lesson I've learned throughout my 15+ years of coaching is ALWAYS, ALWAYS learn to take advantage of the teaching opportunity out of any situation.

Poor results should be dealt with like an MLB closer - with a short memory. Struck out looking for the third straight time in a game? It's OK - DEEP BREATH - you have ONE more at-bat to be aggressive and get the knock you deserve.

Parents should remain forward facing - reaching for the next opportunity to seize rather than harp on the past. Some of my past players have told me their worst games weren't bad because of their performance on the field - it was because of the car ride they had to endure with their parents. That's just soooo wrong.

“We need to adapt the same program as Trevor Bauer.” “Rudy, Trevor is a Major Leaguer. Your son is 8.”

So parents - Stay Positive at all times this season. Take advantage of the teaching opportunity and let your players relax enough for maybe an ounce of fun to reappear in their lives. They'll thank you for it in the car heading home...

What's the best positive coaching moment you can share?

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